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JFrog acquires Shippable, adding continuous integration and delivery to its DevOps platform
JFrog, the popular DevOps startup now valued at more than $1 billion after raising $165 million last October, is making a move to expand the tools and services it provides to developers on its software operations platform: it has acquired Shippable, a cloud-based continuous integration and delivery platform (CI/CD) that developers use to ship code […] [...]
Redis Labs changes its open-source license — again
Redis Labs, fresh off its latest funding round, today announced a change to how it licenses its Redis Modules. This may not sound like a big deal, but in the world of open-source projects, licensing is currently a big issue. That’s because organizations like Redis, MongoDB, Confluent and others have recently introduced new licenses that […] [...]
Microsoft bringing Dynamics 365 mixed reality solutions to smartphones
Last year Microsoft introduced several mixed reality business solutions under the Dynamics 365 enterprise product umbrella. Today, the company announced it would be moving these to smartphones in the spring, starting with previews. The company announced Remote Assist on HoloLens last year. This tool allows a technician working onsite to show a remote expert what […] [...]
Mixmax brings LinkedIn integration and better task automation to its Gmail tool
Mixmax today introduced version 2.0 of its Gmail-based tool and plugin for Chrome that promises to make your daily communications chores a bit easier to handle. With version 2.0, Mixmax gets an updated editor that better integrates with the current Gmail interface and that gets out of the way of popular extensions like Grammarly. That’s […] [...]
Google’s hybrid cloud platform is now in beta
Last July, at its Cloud Next conference, Google announced the Cloud Services Platform, its first real foray into bringing its own cloud services into the enterprise data center as a managed service. Today, the Cloud Services Platform (CSP) is launching into beta. It’s important to note that the CSP isn’t — at least for the […] [...]
New conflict evidence surfaces in JEDI cloud contract procurement process
For months, the drama has been steady in the Pentagon’s decade-long, $10 billion JEDI cloud contract procurement process. This week the plot thickened when the DOD reported that it has found new evidence of a possible conflict of interest, and has reopened its internal investigation into the matter. “DOD can confirm that new information not […] [...]
Arm expands its push into the cloud and edge with the Neoverse N1 and E1
For the longest time, Arm was basically synonymous with chip designs for smartphones and very low-end devices. But more recently, the company launched solutions for laptops, cars, high-powered IoT devices and even servers. Today, ahead of MWC 2019, the company is officially launching two new products for cloud and edge applications, the Neoverse N1 and E1. […] [...]
Xage brings role-based single sign-on to industrial devices
Traditional industries like oil and gas and manufacturing often use equipment that was created in a time when remote access wasn’t a gleam in an engineer’s eye, and hackers had no way of connecting to them. Today, these devices require remote access, and some don’t have even rudimentary authentication. Xage, the startup that wants to […] [...]
Why Daimler moved its big data platform to the cloud
Like virtually every big enterprise company, a few years ago, the German auto giant Daimler decided to invest in its own on-premises data centers. And while those aren’t going away anytime soon, the company today announced that it has successfully moved its on-premises big data platform to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. This new platform, which the […] [...]
Google acquires cloud migration platform Alooma
Google today announced its intention to acquire Alooma, a company that allows enterprises to combine all of their data sources into services like Google’s BigQuery, Amazon’s Redshift, Snowflake and Azure. The promise of Alooma is that it handles the data pipelines and manages them for its users. In addition to this data integration service, though, Alooma […] [...]
Slack off — send videos instead with $11M-funded Loom
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many emails can you replace with a video? As offices fragment into remote teams, work becomes more visual and social media makes us more comfortable on camera, it’s time for collaboration to go beyond text. That’s the idea behind Loom, a fast-rising startup that equips enterprises […] [...]
GN acquires Altia Systems for $125M to add video to its advanced audio solutions
Some interesting M&A is afoot in the world of hardware and software that’s aiming to improve the quality of audio and video communications over digital networks. GN Group — the Danish company that broke new ground in mobile when it inked deals first with Apple and then Google to stream audio from their phones directly […] [...]
Redis Labs raises a $60M Series E round
Redis Labs, a startup that offers commercial services around the Redis in-memory data store (and which counts Redis creator and lead developer Salvatore Sanfilippo among its employees), today announced that it has raised a $60 million Series E funding round led by private equity firm Francisco Partners. The firm didn’t participate in any of Redis […] [...]
Senseon raises $6.4M to tackle cybersecurity threats with an AI ‘triangulation’ approach
Darktrace helped pave the way for using artificial intelligence to combat malicious hacking and enterprise security breaches. Now a new U.K. startup founded by an ex-Darktrace executive has raised some funding to take the use of AI in cybersecurity to the next level. Senseon, which has pioneered a new model that it calls “AI triangulation” — simultaneously […] [...]
As GE and Amazon move on, Google expands presence in Boston and NYC
NYC and Boston were handed huge setbacks this week when Amazon and GE decided to bail on their commitments to build headquarters in the respective cities on the same day. But it’s worth pointing out that while these large tech organizations were pulling out, Google was expanding in both locations. Yesterday, upon hearing about Amazon’s decision […] [...]
Zendesk just hired three former Microsoft, Salesforce and Adobe execs
Today, Zendesk announced it has hired three new executives — Elisabeth Zornes, former general manager of global support for Microsoft Office, as Zendesk’s first chief customer officer; former Adobe executive Colleen Berube as chief information officer and former Salesforce executive Shawna Wolverton as senior vice president, product. The company emphasized that the hirings were about […] [...]
Peltarion raises $20M for its AI platform
Peltarion, a Swedish startup founded by former execs from companies like Spotify, Skype, King, TrueCaller and Google, today announced that it has raised a $20 million Series A funding round led by Euclidean Capital, the family office for hedge fund billionaire James Simons. Previous investors FAM and EQT Ventures also participated, and this round brings […] [...]
AWS announces new bare metal instances for companies who want more cloud control
When you think about Infrastructure as a Service, you typically pay for a virtual machine that resides in a multi-tenant environment. That means, it’s using a set of shared resources. For many companies that approach is fine, but when a customer wants more control, they may prefer a single tenant system where they control the […] [...]
Zoho’s office suite gets smarter
As far as big tech companies go, Zoho is a bit different. Not only has it never taken any venture funding, it also offers more than 40 products that range from its online office suite to CRM and HR tools, email, workflow automation services, video conferencing, a bug tracker and everything in-between. You don’t often […] [...]
Google says it’ll invest $13B in US data centers and offices this year
Google today announced that it will invest $13 billion in data centers and offices across the U.S. in 2019. That’s up from $9 billion in investments last year. Many of these investments will go to states like Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia, where Google plans new or expanded data centers. Though […] [...]

Security News

Warning Issued Over Attacks on Internet Infrastructure
Key parts of the internet infrastructure face large-scale attacks that threaten the global system of web traffic, the internet's address keeper warned Friday. read more [...]
Bug Allows Bypass of WhatsApp Face ID, Touch ID Protection
The Face ID and Touch ID authentication feature introduced recently to WhatsApp for iOS can be easily bypassed, but a patch has been released. read more [...]
Entrust to Acquire Hardware Security Module Maker nCipher
Entrust Datacard and Thales have signed a definitive agreement for Entrust to acquire the nCipher general purpose hardware security module (GP HSM) division of Thales. Financial details have not been disclosed. read more [...]
Cybercriminals Promise Millions to Skilled Black Hats: Report
Cybercriminals say they are willing to pay over a million dollars per year to individuals with network management, penetration testing, and programming skills willing to put on a black hat, a new Digital Shadows report reveals.  read more [...]
DrainerBot SKD Sucks Data and Battery From Android Devices
A major mobile ad fraud operation impacts millions of users through infected consumer applications, Oracle reveals.  read more [...]
Pulse Secure Unveils Software Defined Perimeter Solution
Pulse Secure, a company that specializes in secure access solutions, this week unveiled a new software defined perimeter (SDP) product designed to provide organizations direct secure access to their resources and applications. read more [...]
Researcher Earns $10,000 for Another XSS Flaw in Yahoo Mail
A researcher says he has discovered yet another critical cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Yahoo Mail. The recently patched flaw could have been exploited to steal the targeted user’s emails and attach malicious code to their outgoing messages. read more [...]
Mexican Privacy Watchdog Criticizes Government Over Spyware
Mexico’s privacy watchdog said Wednesday that the federal Attorney General’s Office stonewalled it for more than a year as it tried to investigate the government’s use of powerful Israeli spyware against journalists, lawyers and activists. read more [...]
Google's Nest Hub Has a Microphone It Forgot to Mention
Google said Wednesday it forgot to mention that it included a microphone in its Nest Secure home alarm system, the latest privacy flub by one of the tech industry’s leading collectors of personal information. read more [...]
Cisco Patches High Severity Flaws in HyperFlex, Prime Infrastructure
Cisco this week released patches for more than a dozen vulnerabilities across its product portfolio, including high severity flaws in HyperFlex, Prime Infrastructure, and Prime Collaboration Assurance.  read more [...]
Adobe Releases Second Patch for Data Leakage Flaw in Reader
Adobe on Thursday released a second fix for the Reader vulnerability tracked as CVE 2019-7089 after the researcher who discovered the flaw managed to bypass the first patch. The security hole, identified by Alex Inführ from Cure53, allows a specially crafted PDF document to send SMB requests to the attacker’s server when the file is opened. read more [...]
Windows Servers Vulnerable to DoS Attacks, Microsoft Warns
Microsoft informed users on Wednesday that Windows servers running Internet Information Services (IIS) are vulnerable to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks that rely on malicious HTTP/2 requests. read more [...]
Roger Stone Allegedly Communicated With Mysterious Hacker Guccifer 2.0
Latest Developments in Mueller and Russian Electoral Meddling read more [...]
WinRAR Vulnerability Exposes Millions of Users to Attacks
WinRAR, the popular data compression tool utilized by over 500 million users worldwide, is affected by a serious vulnerability that can allow arbitrary code execution through specially crafted ACE archives. read more [...]
Critical Drupal Vulnerability Allows Remote Code Execution
Security updates released on Wednesday for the Drupal content management system (CMS) patch a “highly critical” vulnerability that can be exploited for remote code execution. read more [...]
Canada Helping Australia Determine 'Full Extent' of Hack
Canada's electronic eavesdropping agency said Wednesday it is working with Canberra to try to determine the scale of computer hacking on Australia's parliament and political parties just months from an election. read more [...]
WinPot ATM Malware Resembles a Slot Machine
A piece of malware targeting automated teller machines (ATMs) has an interface that looks like a slot machine, Kaspersky Lab reports.  Dubbed WinPot, the malware was initially detected in March last year, targeting the ATMs of a popular vendor to make the devices automatically dispense all cash from their most valuable cassettes. read more [...]
Firms Moving Sensitive Data to Cloud, But Security Still a Problem: Oracle
Companies are increasingly moving sensitive data to the cloud, but cybersecurity, including the human factor and technology, is still a problem for many, according to a new report published on Wednesday by Oracle and KPMG. read more [...]
New GandCrab Ransomware Decryptor Released
The cat-and-mouse game between BitDefender and the GandCrab ransomware developers continues. On Tuesday (Feb. 19) BitDefender released a new version of its GandCrab decryptor able to decrypt versions of GandCrab 1, 4 and 5 up to the latest version 5.1. The decryptor is available from BitDefender and from the NoMoreRansom project. read more [...]
Blockchain Security Startup CipherTrace Emerges With $15M in Funding
Blockchain security company CipherTrace has fully emerged on Tuesday with $15 million in venture capital financing from Silicon Valley and New York venture capital firms.  read more [...]