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VMware announces intent to buy Avi Networks, startup that raised $115M
VMware has been trying to reinvent itself from a company that helps you build and manage virtual machines in your data center to one that helps you manage your virtual machines wherever they live, whether that’s on prem or the public cloud. Today, the company announced it was buying Avi Networks, a six-year-old startup that […] [...]
IBM, KPMG, Merck, Walmart team up for drug supply chain blockchain pilot
IBM announced its latest blockchain initiative today. This one is in partnership with KPMG, Merk and Walmart to build a drug supply chain blockchain pilot. These four companies are coming together to help come up with a solution to track certain drugs as they move through a supply chain. IBM is acting as the technology […] [...]
RealityEngines.AI raises $5.25M seed round to make ML easier for enterprises
RealityEngines.AI, a research startup that wants to help enterprises make better use of AI, even when they only have incomplete data, today announced that it has raised a $5.25 million seed funding round. The round was led by former Google CEO and Chairman Eric Schmidt and Google founding board member Ram Shriram. Khosla Ventures, Paul […] [...]
Helium launches $51M-funded ‘LongFi’ IoT alternative to cellular
With 200X the range of Wi-Fi at 1/1000th of the cost of a cellular modem, Helium’s “LongFi” wireless network debuts today. Its transmitters can help track stolen scooters, find missing dogs via IoT collars and collect data from infrastructure sensors. The catch is that Helium’s tiny, extremely low-power, low-data transmission chips rely on connecting to […] [...]
Apollo raises $22M for its GraphQL platform
Apollo, a San Francisco-based startup that provides a number of developer and operator tools and services around the GraphQL query language, today announced that it has raised a $22 million growth funding round co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and Matrix Partners. Existing investors Trinity Ventures and Webb Investment Network also participated in this round. Today, Apollo […] [...]
WhatsApp is finally going after outside firms that are abusing its platform
WhatsApp has so far relied on past dealings with bad players within its platform to ramp up its efforts to curtail spam and other automated behavior. The Facebook -owned giant has now announced an additional step it plans to take beginning later this year to improve the health of its messaging service: going after those […] [...]
GitHub hires former Bitnami co-founder Erica Brescia as COO
It’s been just over a year since Microsoft bought GitHub for $7.5 billion, but the company has grown in that time, and today it announced that it has hired former Bitnami COO and co-founder Erica Brescia to be its COO. Brescia handled COO duties at Bitnami from its founding in 2011 until it was sold […] [...]
Alyce picks up $11.5 million Series A to help companies give better corporate gifts
Alyce, an AI-powered platform that helps sales people, marketers and event planners give better corporate gifts, has today announced the close of an $11.5 million Series A funding. The round was led by Manifest, with participation from General Catalyst, Boston Seed Capital, Golden Ventures, Morningside and Victress Capital. According to Alyce, $120 billion is spent […] [...]
Crane, a new early-stage London VC focused on ‘intelligent’ enterprise startups, raises $90M fund
Crane Venture Partners, a newish London-based early-stage VC targeting what it calls “intelligent” enterprise startups, is officially outing today. Founded by Scott Sage and Krishna Visvanathan, who were both previously at DFJ Esprit, “Crane I” has had a second closing totalling $90 million, money the firm is investing in enterprise companies that are data-driven. Sage […] [...]
AWS is now making Amazon Personalize available to all customers
Amazon Personalize, first announced during AWS re:Invent last November, is now available to all Amazon Web Services customers. The API enables developers to add custom machine learning models to their apps, including ones for personalized product recommendations, search results and direct marketing, even if they don’t have machine learning experience. The API processes data using […] [...]
Apple is making corporate ‘BYOD’ programs less invasive to user privacy
When people bring their own devices to work or school, they don’t want IT administrators to manage the entire device. But until now, Apple only offered two ways for IT to manage its iOS devices: either device enrollments, which offered device-wide management capabilities to admins or those same device management capabilities combined with an automated […] [...]
Salesforce’s Tableau acquisition is huge, but not the hugest
When you’re talking about 16 billion smackeroos, it’s easy to get lost in the big number. When Salesforce acquired Tableau this morning for $15.7 billion, while it was among the biggest enterprise deals ever, it certainly wasn’t the largest. There was widespread speculation that when the new tax laws went into effect in 2017, and […] [...]
Daily Crunch: Salesforce is buying Tableau
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Salesforce is buying data visualization company Tableau for $15.7B in all-stock deal This is a huge deal for Salesforce as the […] [...]
Qubole launches Quantum, its serverless database engine
Qubole, the data platform founded by Apache Hive creator and former head of Facebook’s Data Infrastructure team Ashish Thusoo, today announced the launch of Quantum, its first serverless offering. Qubole may not necessarily be a household name, but its customers include the likes of Autodesk, Comcast, Lyft, Nextdoor and Zillow . For these users, Qubole […] [...]
With Tableau and Mulesoft, Salesforce gains full view of enterprise data
Back in the 2010 timeframe, it was common to say that content was king, but after watching Google buy Looker for $2.6 billion last week and Salesforce nab Tableau for $15.7 billion this morning, it’s clear that data has ascended to the throne in a business context. We have been hearing about Big Data for […] [...]
Salesforce is officially making Seattle its second HQ after its Tableau acquisition
Here’s an interesting by-product of the news today that Salesforce would be acquiring Tableau for $15.7 billion: the company is going to make Seattle, Wash. (home of Tableau) the official second headquarters of San Francisco-based Salesforce, putting the company directly in the face of tech giants and Salesforce frenemies Microsoft and Amazon. “An HQ2, if […] [...]
Microsoft Power Platform update aims to put AI in reach of business users
Low code and no code are the latest industry buzzwords, but if vendors can truly abstract away the complexity of difficult tasks like building machine learning models, it could help mainstream technologies that are currently out of reach of most business users. That’s precisely what Microsoft is aiming to do with its latest Power Platform […] [...]
Vectra lands $100M Series E investment for AI-driven network security
Vectra, a seven-year-old company that helps customers detect intrusions at the network level, whether in the cloud or on premises, announced a $100 million Series E funding round today led by TCV. Existing investors, including Khosla Ventures and Accel, also participated in the round, which brings the total raised to more than $200 million, according […] [...]
Salesforce is buying data visualization company Tableau for $15.7B in all-stock deal
On the heels of Google buying analytics startup Looker last week for $2.6 billion, Salesforce today announced a huge piece of news in a bid to step up its own work in data visualization and (more generally) tools to help enterprises make sense of the sea of data that they use and amass: Salesforce is […] [...]

Security News

Florida Effort to Block Election Hacking Gets Extra $2M
Florida’s county elections departments will retain $2.3 million in unspent grant money aimed at stopping cyber-attacks on the state’s voting system, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Monday. read more [...]
Mirai Offspring "Echobot" Uses 26 Different Exploits
A recently discovered variant of the Mirai Internet of Things (IoT) malware uses a total of 26 different exploits for the infection phase, Akamai reports.  read more [...]
Android Apps Target Bitcoin, By-Passing 2FA
Last week researchers reported on apps abusing the Android push notifications feature to deliver spam. Now other researchers have described apps using a similar but more advanced approach to by-pass two-factor authentication. read more [...]
Researcher Scrapes and Posts 7 Million Venmo Transactions
Venmo is a peer-to-peer mobile app designed to make it easy to send and receive payments from friends. It is owned by PayPal -- and it is no stranger to security issues. read more [...]
DHS Issues Alert for Windows 'BlueKeep' Vulnerability
The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Monday issued an alert for the Windows vulnerability tracked as BlueKeep and CVE-2019-0708. read more [...]
Decryptor Released for Latest GandCrab Ransomware Variants
A free decryption tool is now available for the victims of the latest variants of the GandCrab ransomware.  read more [...]
Push Technology Used in Mobile Attacks
Researchers have detected an Android trojan that abuses the web push technology. In its benign use, web push is used by legitimate websites -- such as news sites -- to send out new event notifications. The less benign use is to employ the technology to send out what amounts to phishing notifications. read more [...]
Federal Agencies Still Using Knowledge-Based Identity Verification
Some U.S. government agencies still rely on knowledge-based identity verification despite the fact that this system has been easy to beat following the massive data breaches suffered by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and Equifax read more [...]
Investigation and Response is a Team Sport
I’ve talked before about how we have the tools and technologies to make the intelligent SOC a reality. It’s a welcomed development given the global cybersecurity skills shortage of three million and growing. read more [...]
U.S. Planted Powerful Malware in Russia's Power Grid: Report
The New York Times reported over the weekend that the United States planted potentially destructive malware in Russia’s electric power grid, but President Donald Trump has denied the claims. read more [...]
Hackers Target Recent Vulnerability in Exim Mail Server
Cybercriminals are already targeting a recently disclosed vulnerability in the open-source Exim mail server, Cybereason reports.  read more [...]
French Authorities Release Free Decryptor for PyLocky Ransomware
The French Ministry of Interior has released a free decryption tool for the PyLocky ransomware to help victims recover their data.  read more [...]
Vulnerabilities Expose BD Infusion Therapy Devices to Attacks
CyberMDX, a research and analysis company specializing in medical device security, on Thursday revealed that its employees identified two serious vulnerabilities in infusion therapy products from medical technology firm BD. read more [...]
Vulnerabilities in Thunderbird Email Client Allow Code Execution
Security updates released by Mozilla this week for the Thunderbird email client address vulnerabilities that could be exploited to execute arbitrary code on impacted systems.  read more [...]
Canadian City Loses $500,000 to Phishing Attack
The City of Burlington, Ontario, revealed Thursday that it fell prey to "a complex phishing email" that cost the City CAD $503,000 (around USD $375,000). Few details have yet been released. read more [...]
Hackers Behind 'Triton' Malware Target Electric Utilities in US, APAC
Xenotime, the threat actor behind the 2017 Trisis/Triton malware attack, is now targeting — in addition to oil and gas organizations — electric utilities in the United States and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. read more [...]
Another World Password Day Has Passed and Little Has Changed
Six weeks ago, we celebrated World Password Day. Yet, unfortunately, not much has changed since last year. Cyber breaches are bigger and worse than ever. Hardly a week goes by without headlines about some new devastating cyber-attack. In fact, a CyberEdge report (PDF) found that a stunning 77 percent of surveyed organizations had suffered a breach over the past year.  read more [...]
New API Changes How Ad Blockers Work in Chrome
Google this week announced the introduction of a new API that effectively changes the manner in which ad blockers work in Chrome.  read more [...]
Amid Privacy Firestorm, Facebook Curbs Research Tool
Facebook has curbed access to a controversial feature allowing searches of the vast content within the social network -- a tool which raised privacy concerns but was also used for research and investigative journalism. read more [...]
Yubico Replacing YubiKey FIPS Devices Due to Security Issue
Yubico is in the process of replacing YubiKey FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) security keys following the discovery of a potentially serious cryptography-related issue that can cause RSA keys and ECDSA signatures generated on these devices to have reduced strength. read more [...]