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The Best Delta Children Kids’ Chairs
Delta Children is a United States-based company that specializes in children’s furniture. The company was founded in 1968 and has since expanded into a wide array of products. Delta Children’s Products produces furniture for children and toddlers. The company offers a wide range of styles, including contemporary, modern, traditional, transitional, and cottage kids’ chairs. Their [...] The post The Best Delta Children Kids’ Chairs appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
The Ultimate Guide To Moon Chairs For Kids
If you are looking to buy a moon chair for kids, make sure you read Comfy Bummy's ultimate guide on these chairs first. The post The Ultimate Guide To Moon Chairs For Kids appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
How To Refinish a Kids’ Rocking Chair
Want to make the old kids' rocking chair look as good as new? In this guide, we tell you exactly how to refinish it. The post How To Refinish a Kids’ Rocking Chair appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
Kids Foam Chairs – Everything You Need To Know
In this article we recommend one model in particular and tell you everything you need to know about kids' foam chairs. The post Kids Foam Chairs – Everything You Need To Know appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
Top 4 Club Chairs For Kids That You Can Get Today
Looking for a chair that is both comfortable for your kids and have a great design? A club chair for kids may be the right choice. The post Top 4 Club Chairs For Kids That You Can Get Today appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
Evergreen Kids Mickey Mouse Camp Chair Blue
Do you love Mickey Mouse? Then you will enjoy this chair! It is a brand new blue Mickey Mouse folding camp chair with a carrying bag. The ever-popular Mickey Mouse is featured on the front of this Disney new folding chair available at This folding metal camp chair is built with comfort in mind. [...] The post Evergreen Kids Mickey Mouse Camp Chair Blue appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
Kids’ DSW Chair – A Modern Furniture For Kids
Learn more about kids' DSW chairs and find out where you can get your hands on one here at - Comfortable Seating for Kids. The post Kids’ DSW Chair – A Modern Furniture For Kids appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
Sensory Chairs For Kids – The Best Investment
Sensory chairs give kids the tactile input they require to feel happy and calm throughout their young lives. The post Sensory Chairs For Kids – The Best Investment appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
Comfy Chairs for Paw Patrol fans
Paw Patrol fans are living the dream. They have their heroes to look up to, dream about going on daring adventures with. If there’s any reason your kids want to watch the show, it’s probably because they like how cool, heroic, and skilled these pups are. Every pup has its own unique talents and skills, [...] The post Comfy Chairs for Paw Patrol fans appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]
The benefits of balance ball chair for kids
The level of activity among children has been decreasing in recent years. This is because most children are less active either at school or at home. As a result, there has been an increase in obesity and other related health problems among children. The article on will focus on the key benefits of balance [...] The post The benefits of balance ball chair for kids appeared first on Comfy Bummy. [...]

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REvil Ransomware Gang Hit by Law Enforcement Hack-Back Operation
The global fight against ransomware took a new twist this week with the United States leading a law enforcement effort to hack back and disrupt the extortion group behind the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. read more [...]
Microsoft Introduces Security Program for Non-Profits
Tech giant Microsoft has rolled out new security offering to provide non-profit organizationss with additional security in the event of a nation-state attack. read more [...]
US Intel Warns China Could Dominate Advanced Technologies
U.S. officials issued new warnings Friday about China’s ambitions in artificial intelligence and a range of advanced technologies that could eventually give Beijing a decisive military edge and possible dominance over health care and other essential sectors in America. read more [...]
Organizations Can Now Try Out End-to-End Encrypted Microsoft Teams Calls
Microsoft Teams end-to-end encryption (E2EE) Microsoft this week announced that organizations can now enable their employees to make one-to-one calls on Teams that are protected by end-to-end encryption. read more [...]
Facebook Introduces New Tool for Finding SSRF Vulnerabilities
Facebook on Thursday announced a new tool designed to help security researchers hunt for Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerabilities. read more [...]
After Nation-State Hackers, Cybercriminals Also Add Sliver Pentest Tool to Arsenal
The cybercriminal group tracked as TA551 recently showed a significant change in tactics with the addition of the open-source pentest tool Sliver to its arsenal, according to cybersecurity firm Proofpoint. read more [...]
Snap's Stock Drops as iPhone Privacy Controls Pinch Ad Sales
Snapchat’s corporate parent disclosed Thursday that its ad sales are being hurt by a privacy crackdown that rolled out on Apple’s iPhones earlier this year, raising investor fears that the app’s financial growth is going into a tailspin. read more [...]
Critical Vulnerabilities Found in AUVESY Product Used by Major Industrial Firms
A total of 17 types of vulnerabilities, including many rated critical and high severity, have been found by researchers in the Versiondog data management product made by AUVESY. read more [...]
Cookie Theft Malware Used to Hijack YouTube Accounts
Google says it has disrupted phishing attacks in which threat actors were attempting to use cookie theft malware to hijack YouTube accounts and abuse them to promote cryptocurrency scams. read more [...]
Consumer Security Firm Aura Raises $200 Million at $2.5 Billion Valuation
Aura, a Burlington, MA-based company that provides cybersecurity solutions for consumers, has announced raising $200 million in a Series F funding round. The funding, which values Aura at $2.5 billion post money, brings the total raised by the firm to $650 million. read more [...]
FiveSys Rootkit Abuses Microsoft-Issued Digital Signature
A rootkit named FiveSys is able to evade detection and slip unnoticed onto Windows users’ systems courtesy of a Microsoft-issued digital signature, according to security researchers with Bitdefender. read more [...]
Smart Security Camera Startup Rhombus Systems Raises $10 Million
Sacramento, CA-based Rhombus Systems – a provider of smart security cameras – has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Cota Capital.  read more [...]
Two Bulletproof Hosting Administrators Sentenced to Prison in U.S.
The United States Department of Justice this week announced that two individuals involved in providing bulletproof hosting to various malware families were sentenced to prison. read more [...]
Former Execs of Cybersecurity Firm GigaTrust Charged With Financial Fraud
Three former executives of now defunct cybersecurity company GigaTrust have been charged for defrauding investors and lenders in a $50 million fraud scheme. read more [...]
US to Curb Hacking Tool Exports to Russia, China
US authorities unveiled Wednesday long-delayed new rules aimed at clamping down on export to nations like Russia and China of hacking technology amid a sharp uptick in cyberattacks globally. The rules, which are set to go into force in 90 days, would prevent the sale of certain software or devices to a list of countries unless approved by a bureau of the Commerce Department. read more [...]
Google Patches 19 Vulnerabilities in Chrome 95 Browser Refresh
Google has released a new version of its flagship Chrome web browser with patches for a total of 19 vulnerabilities, including 16 reported by external researchers. read more [...]
Investors Bet Big on Attempts to Solve Encryption 'Holy Grail'
News Analysis: Venture capital investors are pumping millions of dollars into privacy enhancing technology (PET) projects, betting that hardware and software innovation is finally coming together to solve one of the “holy grails” of encryption. read more [...]
Query.AI Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding Round
Query.AI, a company that has developed a security investigations platform for enterprises, this week announced raising $15 million in a Series A funding round, which brings the total raised to nearly $20 million. read more [...]
Magnitude EK Expands Arsenal With PuzzleMaker Exploit Chain
The Magnitude exploit kit (EK) is now capable of targeting Chromium-based browsers running on Windows systems, security researchers with Avast warn. read more [...]
Threat Detection Marketplace SOC Prime Raises $11 Million
Threat detection marketplace SOC Prime this week announced that it has raised $11 million in Series A funding. To date, the company has raised a total of $11.5 million. The new capital, the company says, will help it accelerate the adoption of its marketplace, which allows security researchers to monetize their content to help others fend off cyberattacks. read more [...]
Acer Confirms Breach of Servers in Taiwan
Taiwanese tech giant Acer has confirmed that, in addition to servers in India, hackers breached some of its systems in Taiwan. read more [...]
Zerodium Buying Zero-Day Exploits Targeting VPN Software
Exploit acquisition company Zerodium on Tuesday announced that it’s looking to buy zero-day exploits targeting popular VPN software. Specifically, the company wants to acquire exploits that work against the Windows versions of the ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark applications. These VPN services have millions of users. read more [...]
Oracle's October 2021 CPU Includes 419 Security Patches
Oracle on Tuesday announced the release of its latest quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU), which includes a total of 419 security patches for vulnerabilities across the company’s portfolio. Just over half of the patches address vulnerabilities that could be exploited remotely without authentication, Oracle announced. read more [...]
Missouri Budget Officials Outline $50M Cost of Data Breach
Help for roughly 100,000 teachers whose Social Security numbers were made vulnerable in a massive state data breach could cost Missouri as much as $50 million, the governor’s office confirmed Tuesday. read more [...]
How to Spot an Effective Security Practitioner
By understanding what makes a great security practitioner, organizations can learn how to recruit and retain effective security practitioners read more [...]